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Allied Hospital Supply International Corporation (AHSIC) is a culmination of hard work and trust, which was started in 1983 and was aptly named then as Allied Hospital Supplies. In those formidable years, AHSIC focused distribution of medical and diagnostic supplies in North-Central Luzon. With consistency and growth, the company transformed into a corporation in July 15, 1989, which lead to a change of name. Allied Hospital Supplies then became Allied Hospital Supply International Corporation, also known as AHSIC. At the turn of the decade, AHSIC has partnered with multi-national companies for the distribution of diagnostic and medical supplies.

The start of the 21st century moved from the rough to a giant leap for AHSIC, as it made a name of its own in 2002 when it started its partnership with Standard Diagnostics, Inc. (SD) Korea. With this new partnership, AHSIC expanded its distribution from North-Central Luzon to the greater parts of Metro Manila, and soon after, the entire Philippines. This expansion led AHSIC to greater heights as it was hailed as the number 1 distributor of Standard Diagnostics, Inc. worldwide for 3 consecutive years.

With such an achievement, AHSIC built a new partnership, this time, with Mindray Medical International Ltd. in 2005.  This paved the way to the opening of new and better facilities.

The culmination of all the preparations to strengthening the Corporation lead to a new achievement, the best distributor of the year for Mindray for 2009 and being the most widely used diagnostic kits in the Philippines for Standard Diagnostics Bioline in 2010.

In 2011, AHSIC has been awarded by Standard Diagnostics, Inc. as their Best Dealer for Asia Pacific.

As AHSIC aspires to reach their mission they continuously train and develop people to better serve the needs of each customer. AHSIC constantly support their partners in innovation to be able to provide and persistently set the standard of high quality products and services at a reasonable price.


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